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Smokey shakeds his head alot?

Parrot Lady

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Can you describe what you mean by head shaking? Is it like a shiver or tremble (small subtle vibrations like when you are cold or very nervous)? Or is it more pronounced like side to side head shaking? Does you bird do it non-stop when with you? I'm just trying to understand what you are seeing.

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Misty does this sometimes when he is sitting on my knee and also when I say "Yum yum" when he is eating. In reply he goes through a head flick routine and then answers with either a lip smack sound or "Water".

He has been doing this for years. I have always assumed it is just one of his affectations. At first I thought it might mean some kind of irritation in his ear but if it was he would scratch it but he does not. I asked the vet at a previous check up but he found no problem. Nevertheless it could indicate mites or an infection so get him checked just in case.


Steve n Misty

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