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My little girl is a teenager

Ray P

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My baby girl Corky is a teenager today December 5, 2013. 13 years old

And she fits the part. Spoiled rotten, Every thing belongs to her, She torments the dogs to know end. They run and hide when she is out. When we have company they adore her, and she eats it up.

She is nosey and sticks her beak into everything. Dose not like to be told NO. Can make a bigger mess than every one else in the house all put together. Is first out of her cage, First to be fed breakfast.

Is very demanding. Thinks she is in charge (of every thing). If you make her mad (YOU WILL SUFFER)

But we love her anyway.


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Happy Hatchday Corky, yes she sounds a lot like Josey but then the same can be said for a lot of our greys, they want what we have and if you deny them you will pay for it but we love them in spite of it, hope she gets spoiled royally today as she probably is everyday.

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Happy Birthday to Corky! As she is the ruler of her roost she makes sure to keep you busy catering to her. I'm with Dan, this would be a good time to hear more Corky tales. I remember when she walked a great distance, through the house and up the stairs. Wasn't that her?

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