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Luna is now 4 months old :) He will not fight stepping up onto my hand. But when my family asks him to step up he always puts his head down. In the end he goes but not willingly. With my grandparents he will step up and then jump off their hand. How can i better his relationship with my family members. Since he is still young, I want to train him to at least tolerate stepping up to others. He has been receiving a lot of socialization so I dont know what to do. I realize greys just dont like certain people but what can i do?

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When I rehomed Timber, I had a lot of trouble getting him to step up. A forum member gave me some advice that helped a lot so I'll share. When your family members ask for a step up, make sure it is a positive experience. For example, with Timber, I never asked for a step up unless it was to take him somewhere he wanted to go or give him a favored treat. That really helped us and he started stepping up readily.

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His most favourite treat ever, with positive reenforcement.


My CAG will go in his cage, travel cage and other things he doesn't like doing when he knows his going to get his favourite reward.


Take little steps and reward little steps

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