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DJ feeding problems


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Ok, DJ is not eating seeds or anything i am offering him accept the Baby food! The baby food is the one that i used to hand feeding Twix with. He left all the seeds mix i gave him untouched for 4 days now, but he is willing to eat the baby food on his own!


He does not eat enough at all, i can see him trying to eat the baby food, but in a slow way that does not fill his crop. I am sick worried about him, why he does not want to eat the seeds mix just like all the parrots? If our new home is the issue, i doubt it. He gets a lot of love from me, i just finished holding him, it's his goodnight hug. He is loving me back and seems very relaxed and happy.


I tried hand feeding him, but he refused to open his beak! I want him to eat properly, and i need experts to help me get him on track please.



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keep feeding DJ baby food, if he eats it then great! Personally, seed mixes aren't the healthiest for greys anyway. I know you live in Dubai, but I'm sure they have some sort of pellet mix available... the fact that he eats slow doesn't matter, as long as he feeds. I do suggest getting a scale so that you're able to take his weight.

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The seeds mix includes pellets in it too, it is Sunflower seeds free as well. I gave him the pellets alone and he didn't eat them. I guess it was just him being unhappy about the move, he is getting better everyday, i was switching bowls just minutes ago, one bowl full of mixed seeds and the other has the baby food in it. He eventually accepted the mix! Now he is eating fine, but not as he should be. I am monitoring his behavior and his diet, he is definitely becoming more relaxed and will be as happy as any other Grey soon.

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