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Terrible Two's


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Hi Everyone!

Talon will be turning 2 years old in a couple of weeks. She has definitely been in her terrible two's for a while now.

She has been asserting her independence quite fiercely, she has started to bite more. She's gotten very stubborn. She thinks she has quite the sense of humor! She will try and bite you, and then laugh immediately after. :evil:


She wants her own way, and will fly to you to get it. The biggest problem we are having is this, she will fly to my 12 year old son (who is as sweet as could be to her and always has been) and try and bite him. He usually can hear her flying, so he ducks out of the way, and she will land on the back of his chair and wait.....As you can imagine, this has gotten out of hand. Short of clipping her wings, which I feel very strongly about NOT doing, (but I won't get in to that again here) I usually pick her up and put her in a different room. That hasn't been working very well.


So the other day, I was in a Halloween store, and saw a life size, Fake Black Raven, that had it's wings out, and had feathers on it. It's very real looking. I bought it in the hopes that it would scare Talon from attacking my son. We now keep it by my son when he's on the computer...and it keeps Talon away from him!


Problem solved! (for now anyways!) B)

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The terrible twos, I'm glad I missed out on them. I'm having enough trouble with the satanic sixes ;).


I know someone who keeps her birds out of rooms they aren't supposed to go in by putting a vacuum cleaner in the doorway :cheer:.


Even though you're against clipping, if Talon gets a little full of herself, you could always do a light clip (just a couple feathers to slow her down a bit) until she settles down, and then let them grow out again. I've always kept Nikko clipped because of our ceiling fans, but she currently has full flight. I want to clip just a couple feathers so that she can't get much lift, but so she can still get to her destination (usually the window sill).

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LOL :silly: :silly: :silly:!! I am sitting here trying to imagine this black raven... I really think we need a pic!! I can also imagine your poor son ducking when he hears this maniacal creature coming at him. I guess I have something to "look forward" too!!

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LOL...I had that problem with my Sun Conure; he would dive-bomb everyone but me.


I think spooky is right...you might want to consider just "trimming" his wings. I have read many training books by parrot behaviorist and they all say that clipping is very important when it comes to "problem birds" and initial training. I did what I call a "long clip" on my Grey so he can fly from one end of the house to the other but just can't get lift. He does not seem to mind, he didn't even fight me when I was clipping his feathers, but he knows that he can't get everywhere and has to rely on me. Grey’s are very smart (as you know) and although your raven is a creative and absolutely hilarious way of keeping him away from your son I'm sure it will not be permanent.

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Here's a picture of our new "Pet Raven" !





And because of our 2 cats which I have spoken about many times. We are unable to have Talon's wings clipped at all. This is a safety issue in our home. She needs to be able to stay flying UP, not headed down which wing clipping in any manner would do. We did keep her clipped for the first year of her life with us. It wasn't safe for her.<br><br>Post edited by: Talon, at: 2007/09/20 19:38

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