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Klaus likes tomatoes (conditions apply)


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This is kinda funny ...

We've offered tomato to Klaus before, and he was not interested.

Yesterday we visited my dad, who gave us a big bag of fresh, homegrown tomatoes.

My niece was walking through with one past Klaus, and he appeared to want some. So she gave him a bite and he chowed down on about 1/3 of a small tomato. Maybe he's like so many humans, who prefer only garden-fresh tomatoes...

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I've started to get my Grey to experiment more by having him with me when I prepare the food. When he sees where I got it from, get it ready, and put it in his food dish then he will now try it. If I just stick it in his food dish and put it in his cage with him in there then he won't touch the unusual item. And of course their favorite thing today they may turn their nose up at tomorrow :).

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Frankie is very particular about how his food is presented to him - if it's something he loves like a grape or junk food (tortilla chip), he'll take it right from me. If it is something he's never seen before he won't take it from anyone's hand - it has to be properly placed in his food dish. He'll sometimes even take it and toss it if isn't presented right.


on the note of tomatoes, he won't eat sliced or chopped, but he looves baby tomatoes.


They are such strange and picky animals. lol. :side:



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Makena will eat sliced tomatoes, but not chopped up ones! Finicky little guy!


Today was pretty funny... I had him on my shoulder while I made a sandwich. I sliced some tomatoes, he had to have a bite. I pulled out some lettuce, he had to have a bite. I pulled out the cheese, he had to have a bite... Then came the pickles. He looked at it, acted like he wanted it so I gave him a very tiny piece. He started munching on it, spit it out, then gave me a look like "why did you give that too me mean lady"!! It was pretty funny :P!! Good thing he didn't like it.. I can imagine pickles aren't the best thing to give a bird!


Joe, try peas and corn. Of all the fruit and veggies I have ever given Makena those are the 2 he goes NUTS for. Giving him a bowl of peas and corn keeps him busy for an hour ;)! And once you find a fruit or veggie he likes start adding additional things into it.


Hmmm... I all of a sudden have a strange craving for sliced homegrown tomatoes, with fresh basil and a little bit of garlic salt... My favorite!!!

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Dayo helped me eat a Burrito with cheese melted over it and plenty of hot salsa.....He REALLY liked it. :-)



He started acting like I was his parent feeding him, panting, jackhammering and of course chopping on that Burritos end I hadn't touched. :-)


I figure it was the Salsa that he really loved.

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