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Happy Birthday CD!


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I hope you have a wonderful day! It is your birthday, and you deserve nothing but the best today. I hope it’s all you want and more!! Enjoy your day!! Love you, Sweetie! Penny


Let’s all wish Frank, aka CeasarsDad, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And may it be the best birthday yet!!




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Penny... It's already the best birthday I have had in my 49 years.. There is no question about that at all.. This year has been a wonderful year for me.. If I look back to 2006 this time and compare it to 2007.. There is no comparison.. NONE.. and I can only hope that 2008 is better still..


I will be away this week on a Cruise ship.. So I will not be able to post any thank you's to anyone that does reply to this thread.. So I'll thank everyone now and re-thank them when I get back.


Part of why this was a wonderful year is because of all YOU.. the family members of GreyForums.net.. You have enriched my life 10 fold.. Thank you for coming here and sharing our passion with one another. It means alot to me that everyone here is happy and content.. That is my goal and hopefully you feel it..


I love you all and look forward to seeing you again next week.. :)


Melissa.. Thank you so much for all the work you put into my birthday banner.. I want to also personally thank you for all the work you do on our 1000 and 2500 threshold banners.. I know this is not an easy thing to do.. We all thank you for spending the time to create these works of art for our forum... THANK YOU KIDDO.. :)

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