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I had to move Timmy's cage...???...???


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Well, yall know Timmy has been with me for month now. We have had to move his cage from the den to the sunroom (where other birds are) due to the mess and my 1 year old girl thinks his poop is a special "treat" and the dander and feathers have driven my wife crazy! Also, The den gets very little light, kind of a dark sunken room with few windows for natural light.


Timmy has been in the sunroom many times so he knows it aint that bad, and he can see and hear the other birds there. I think the natural sunlight, other birds, 2 small dogs, and our main traffic area of the house will be better for him! I can sit in there alot and watch TV and it is visible from his cage to see the kitchen (where we are alot).


What should I expect from Timmy, as far as his behavior, from moving his cage?? Will it be a BAD transition????

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It depends. We have had our Senegal and Hahn's Macaw for years. We moved them to different rooms. We moved to a whole new house. We moved them from their individual cages into a duplex cage. (One cage with a divider down the middle.) All of that was met with no problems. We moved the duplex cage 3 feet and turned it 90 degrees and our Senegal started plucking. When we put it back in it's original place, the plucking stopped. Go figure.

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