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timmys new game


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As you know, I am still learning as I go about Greys, but heres a game Timmy plays with me that I think is funny.


Well, He has perfected the oven timer, phones ringing, my wife laughing, several other things and some jumbled words we cant make out. Now he wont do the entire wolf whistle, just the first half then after a few seconds he screeches like he is MAD! I have figured out that he wants me to do the last part immediatly after he starts it or he gets pissed! Its funny how he wants me to interact and acts like my 4 year old son if I dont!!! haha

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Progress is right, but Timmy is turning out to be AWESOME! I think he dont know what to do with being aggrivated so much by me and having kids running around screaming and crying and all, big difference than the "dark prison" he was at! HAHA

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It sounds like Timmy is doing great! If he was at all stressed out by what is going on around him, I doubt he would be as vocal as he is now. Keep up with the good work. I love Timmy updates and getting the sense of your enthusiasm with him. ALL people should be that stoked about their birds. I know my friends are to the point where they would rather choke me than hear another story about Kaleah. LOL

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