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When to bathe a rehomed?


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Timmy is almost 4 yrs old and Ive had him over 2 weeks. He is just starting to settle in a tad. When would be a good time to mist or try to bathe him? I dont want to spook him too much and dont know when I should try it for the first time....

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I think I would try first to provide a dish or pan of water big enough for him to bathe himself and see what happens. My second step would be to take him to a place where water is running like the kitchen or bathroom and see how he reacts. I wouldn't introduce him to water in those rooms though until I had introduced him to the room itself. (The first time I took Neo up to my bedroom it freaked him out a little bit.)

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Each of our birds has their own bath in the cage it is a corner litter pan for rabbit cages. we mount them high in the cage and change the water every day so when they want a

bath it`s there.

When ever the wife vacuums Cricket our blue front amazon jumps in her tub and takes a bath, it`s kind of funny.

We do mist them from time to time if they don`t take a bath. For now keep a pan of water near by so if they want to they can and you can try a light mist over the cage so it`s like falling rain. Do not spray at them or in their face just a light mist over the top of the cage.

If he holds up his wings when you mist he likes it

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