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New Moderators: Judygram & xxbeccyxx!!


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I am happy to announce that Judygram is now the moderator of the "Welcome Room"! This room has grown very quickly. I'm sure you will all agree that she is best suited for that room. She always manages to beat us to the punch when it comes to welcoming new members and making them feel so at home here!

So Please Congratulate her with me! Congratulations Judy! :cheer:



I am also very pleased to announce that xxbeccyxx is now the moderator of the "Training Room"! Beccy has a wealth of experience and knowledge that I know she will bring to the training room. Having recently reached 1000 posts filled with great advice and help, I'm sure you'll agree.


So Congratulations xxbeccyxx ! :cheer:<br><br>Post edited by: Talon, at: 2007/08/24 13:14

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Wonderful!! I was waiting for this announcement.. I think having our post leader, Judygram, usher in new members is just about the best choice ever.. GOOD JOB TALON.. I know it was your idea to do this... Bravo..


And Beccy.. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you would be a Moderator of the greatest Grey Forum in the universe. :P:P :P I'm counting on you Beccy.. Don't worry .. .No pressure... :P :P

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