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I went last night to look at a grey a lady is trying to rehome, she is about 7 years old and she has a plucked chest but she took some food from my hand and ask me if I wanted some as well, her name is Sadie and the last thing I need is another bird but even my husband that went with me felt she needed a little more TLC than she was getting. The lady has, a U2, a CAG, a B&G, and a blue front zon. The zon was completely untouchable but very talkative. the U2 was plucked but a sweetheart she would have gone home with me in a heartbeart. The grey was plucked as well talked a little but I think she will be totally workable. The blue and gold had me in tears all of the way home. I have never seen a more naked bird that just bobbed his head up and down over and over non-stop I know it sounds crazy but I almost had a feeling that the macaw was a little insane she said she only liked men but I would have liked to at least tried to help that poor sweet bird somehow, ANYWAY! back to my original story I will know tomorrow if she is going to let me have her I could only offer her 300 and hubby will shoot me for doing that but I'm too much of a softie and apparently my name is out there as being the bird lady this one was in Virginia City of all places...LOL. Keep your fingers crossed.

Karen :D

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