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Biscotti is all ready for Halloween!!!


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Biscotti is very excited about Halloween!! Here is a pic of him all prepared for trick or treating and a pic of his chaperone- "COW DOG" Mandy!

Cow Dog Mandy.jpg



Here is a video of him practicing for the big night!! He cracks me up near the end, he lets out a big whoop and then says "Who did that big noise??" :) Such a nut!


What do you think of his "spooky" zebra head costume??? :eek:

Biscotti Trick or Treating.jpg

Cow Dog Mandy 2.jpg

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Thank you all for watching, I'm glad you enjoyed my silly boy! Jan- he does say that, so may be in there- I also heard "mommy's home" & " I got your back" in this video. No tellen' what will come out of that beak!!

Ray- I love your great pumpkin pic, good thing she & Biscotti can't get together - they'd probably be out TPing houses tonight! :)

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Biscotti is all tuned up for Halloween, put him on a kid's shoulder as they go door to door and they can just hold up their bags while he says the magic words, he is such a character and I love the pic of him holding the pumpkin, thanks for sharing that with us.

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