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Hello Everyone

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My husband and I are tried and true "animal people" and we have one dog, three cats, one Quaker parrot, and an African grey. Marcus, the grey, is the most recent addition adopted into our family. He is a wonderful boy, 8 years old, very intelligent and gentle of temperament and with a vocabulary that surprises us sometimes! :) As I do with Beaker, our little Quaker, I explain everything I do in front of Marcus and I can tell he is paying attention. Whether or not this will ever effect his vocalizations with us, well... only time will tell. But I hope it might broaden his relative understanding of this new "world" with which we have surrounded him.


The only issue we have with Marcus is that he is very unwilling to step up. Beaker is a pro at stepping-up and we know that Marcus knows what we want him to do, because he is very attentive when Beaker steps up from his cage for us, but Marcus just doesn't want to do it himself. Nevertheless I do not see this as being a 'forever problem' as he actually, inadvertently, stepped-up for me yesterday when he grabbed my pen in his beak off the floor... well, it wasn't really a step-up so much as an "I ended up walking onto Mommy's arm because I was so distracted trying to keep her pen away from her!" But he was a good boy and let me praise him and carry him the two or three feet back to the door-perch in his cage. And then I took back my pen after letting him play with it for a few moments. ;)


Marcus was somewhat neglected in his other home and wasn't let out of his cage for three years or so, but he was pretty well cared-for there otherwise (fed, kept clean, always around people even if not interacting with them) and he is healthy and full-feathered and really well-adjusted. We are very pleased to have been able to welcome him into our family.


If my time in the Quaker parrot forums is any indication, we might post here about Marcus and his progress and adventures sporadically, but I still wanted to introduce us all and say hello. So I hope you and your greys all have a good evening...


Do take care until next time...

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Welcome Marcus! IT's GreYt having you here.


It is always wonderful to hear of someone taking in a Grey in need of a loving home. He could not have landed in a better one, from your description. :)


I do hope to hear more from you and see any photos you would like to share as well. :)

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Welcome to the forum. Now that you have a grey your life is going to change. I have been on this forum for a short time but I have had a grey for almost 10 years.

This is a great place with a lot of nice people that know there stuff and will help when ever they can

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