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Sunnys Beak


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I have posted before on this topic I’m a little concern so before I go to the vet I can use some advice. Sunny just turned seven months old and his beak is shaded (white) in the middle of his beak. Should I be concern? I have attached some pictures so you can see. Thanks in advance for your help





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No, Sunny scraps on the sides of his beak I never saw him scrape the front and I always notice that’s what he does. This discoloration has been like this for about two months now since my last thread of the same topic. I waited only because I thought the beak will be much darker not with a white stripe like that. Someone wrote in that thread that the beak does not stay shinny so I just enjoyed the shinny beak as long as I could (I wish it stayed Shinny). So it has been two months and he still has the same discoloration and I am concerned. Do you think this might be a lack of calcium? At the moment Sunny just loves seeds I do offer other things to his diet (fruits/Vegetable) however he eats very little of. I want to thank you for your help in advance…

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When Dayo was that young, I remembered he too had a little discoloration like that as well around that age. I went back through my photo archives and found one to illustrate. It is normal in many greys to have this as they age from infant to 12 months old or so. I do not remember when it just slowly went away, but it did.


Here is an upclose crop of the photo back when he was around 7 or 8 months old. You can see it coming in at the top. It slowly moved down as the beak grew over months and just vanished.



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It took a little over a year for it to slowly drift down from the top to the bottom as his beak grew. Here is a photo I just cropped that was taken a year later than the previous photo. You can see it is now down near the tip. I cannot find any pictures I took after this that Dayo has the slight horn coloring in. I would "guesstimate" it was gone about 3 to 6 months after this photo.



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Wow! What a great looking bird you have Dan :) . I will be taking Sunny soon to the vet for another physical the last time he was at the vet was about three months ago and the Doctor told me that he is a big bird with a big bone structure however, Sunny is in great shape. Thanks again for sharing I do feel much better….

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