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How much noise can a hahns macaw make?


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i think its not true but someone told me that a hahns macaw can be loud as a big macaw. is this true?


I have a Hahn's and he can be loud if there is some "scary" object in his sight, like a ladder. But he is not nearly as loud as a large macaw. For the most part he is pretty quiet. He doesn't make noise in the morning until he hears someone up and moving around. He will call out when we are in the kitchen because he wants to remind us that we have to share. But he is certainly not a noisy bird. That is just my experience with one bird.


P.S. If you want a small, quiet bird look at the African Senegal. They are delightful little guys!

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One of the members of this forum whom I just visited last month has a hahn's macaw and he was not too loud, in fact she had warned me that he would probably make a lot of noise when I came in for the first time as he does that with anyone new but he didn't say a word, in fact he was quiet as a mouse and it surprised both me and her for he usually is very vocal to strangers. He is a lovely little bird and not too loud when he did decide to make a little noise.

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There isa small flock of them at the Sanctuary and they are not as loud a a full sized Macaw but they are very noisy as a flock. The Senegals and the Pionus are both much quieter birds. The Pionus are almost laid back the Senegals are curious and lively at least the ones I know.

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I've never heard any other bird that can belt out the loud sounds that a large macaw can! They can be great birds, but with a very loud voice. I don't think I've ever seen anyone carrying a macaw in a carrier; they've always just been riding on their shoulder or on a car perch or something like that.


We have a blue headed pionus, Iris, and she is very, very sweet and gentle. She is very quiet for the most part, and you hardly know she's around until she lands on your shoulder for attention or on the table to steal some food or my pen. (She's a little sneak!) But when she does decide to sound off, usually in the morning or the evening, she is more loud than any of the other birds. So they can have a loud voice, just don't use it very often.


Of course, Iris lives with several noisy conures, and I'm sure they have encouraged her to use her voice! I think a bird's environment has a lot to do with how noisy they are.


I don't have a mini macaw, but I have admired Hahn's macaws at the pet store, and they had one in for boarding once, and they seem like great little birds with loads of personality.

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