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Just to keep an update of Sunny he just turned 7 months old and he is a big CAG (big bone like). I think he can gain some more weight? I have posted a thread about Sunny’s diet and learned a great deal. However; I need a tidy bit advice about how should I go about changing Sunny's diet or what will be the best thing for him. At the moment his main diet is seeds and I do give him some vegetables and fruits but he passes them by (but not the Fresh corn he loves it). I had him on a perch in our kitchen while my family and I were eating offered him some table food and he had no interest at all. I took an advice about getting some samples of major parrot food especially pellets. I received Harrison’s pellets and when I gave it to him I found them all on the bottom of the cage. I will try Zupreem and Lafeber’s pellets and see were this goes (your thoughts). Should I have three different bowls in his cage of food like one for fruit, one for vegetables, and one for pellets/seeds? Thanks in advance for your help Blessing…

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Yes, separate the food's, remember, very little fruit, a piece every day or two, you can mix the types of pellets and its easy to find out which he likes. Keep up with lots of veggies, a bowl full, the beans and rice and pasta,.......

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