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international travelling with cag


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This should tell you all you need to know. One addition to it----

You'll need to have your bird quarantined in the country you arrive in. That can take between 30 to 90 days. If you're going from your country to another country which isn't the US, you'll have to find out the rules from the country you're actually going to. You'll also have to use an airline that has special areas on the plane to transport pets. Not all airlines accept pets.



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Brilliant Dave, thank you!

I am planning to move from New Zealand to the Netherlands early next year, and have decided to take my family with me (2 lorikeets, a CAG and a German shepherd). This article is very reassuring, but I am still scared stiff about the prospect, but the thought of leaving my companions behind scares me even more.

Luckily there is a company here in Wellington that specialises in the international transport of animals, and they organise all of the paperwork for you.


I'm really not pleased about the prospect of having to chip Cleo. It was done to my dog (mandatory) and they used a huge ass evil looking needle to deposit the chip under the skin. She yelped, bled a little, but was fine. I on the other hand was not fine... my poor yelping bleeding puppy.

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