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hi new member from turkey

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hi my name is dogu and my greys name is jack. i dont know the sex of my grey dna tests are not widespread in my country and to tell the truth i was never interested in the sex of my grey since i am not gonna breed.

about me i lived in nyc for 3 years and studied in NYiT but i didnt graduated which i am regretting nowadays. about my grey he (i call him he cause he/she is named jack:p ) just turned age 3 when i got him his eyes was kinda grey now his eyes are kinda yellow.i have him for 6 month now. it is expensive and hard to find a hand-weaned grey but i managed to find one. he lets me rub his body all over, give kisses but refuses to step up. i read the forum and tried the method explained there but it didnt worked it is ok for now i am happy he is happy. and one more thing there is no pellet in turkey but i ordered harrisons adult coarse from web but jack is refusing to eat it. i tried the methods of switching to pellets but again it didnt worked.


here are couple of pictures




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woww i been feeding jack lots of fruits and veggies but not cooked potatos and chicken but i will start if yours are ok with it. because there is no responsible pet shop or breeder(let alone responsible there is no breeder) in turkey no one even knows about pellet so jack is seed junkie especially sunflower seeds but i am trying to make up with fruits and veggies thank god he loves them.


i ve been reading the forum a lot since signed up and its been very helpful i really learned a lot about greys today i just wanted to join the conversation :) the conversation in here is very friendly

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You do want to keep the sunflower seeds to a minimum. Sunflower seeds contain a lot of fat. Greys can get clogged arteries just like people.

This is from a site about bird diet:


This isn't completely correct, yes seed lack certain things, that's why you give a wide variety of seed's, most all calcium is received from green leafy veggies, and the sun,[d3] 1/2 teaspoon sunflower seeds a day is great for Grey's, Grey's aren't Quakers or pigeons or even Amazons...Have you ever read whats in Pellets?, Harrison's, Zupreem? TOP's [ are the best pellets.] It's mostly seeds with man made chemicals, and poisons. Each kind of bird has a different requirement... Did you know a Grey absorbs very little d3 from food? A excellent complete protein for a grey is brown rice and beans!!! There's fantastic food threads on this forum, Give you baby 1/8 cup or seeds/pellets a day, plus leafy green veggies, orange veggies, yellow/red/orange bell peppers, brown rice, lentils. black-eyed peas, Almonds walnuts,,,,,[some extra hard boiled egg, shell and all, white meat chicken/turkey/ tuna a couple times a week] and a small piece of fruit every couple of days....Check out the threads on food here....seeds and nuts have "EFA's" [Essential Fatty Acids] There's a lot of Smash and Mash diets on the net, Tell me what veggies you can get where your at and I'll make you a diet...

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thanks for all nice welcoming posts. little more about jack he can speak a little he says hello, hello what up,my son (of course in turkish :) and my german shepherds name maya although jack is little afraid of maya he used to scream when she pass by jacks cage.


jayd, i mostly give him red peppers,carrot,broccoli,dark green leaves,banana,watermelon,green apple,tomato,very few orange and just started giving pomegrante. i am a student so i dont go out for grocery shopping a lot when i go its usually for jack. i read the forums about what fruits and veggies to give but a private recipe from you is much better :D


ps: how should i cook beans?

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Thank you, sounds good, try very little tomato,[i'll explain later] very little water melon, orange, pomegranate's are grey't..Boil the beand till done, not real mushy...check this over, we can adapt it for you....Thanks Jayd

:cool:We Feed Our Fid's!!!


Breakfast and Dinner: Yum, they gets, Yellow or Red Sweet-potato, [cut, put in pan, fill 1/2 full with water, cook till mushy] then we add to 1 tbsp: Natural unsweetened Applesauce, or, mashed Fresh Pear,[1 thin slice], or, 1 slice of Banana, to this we ad 1/4 teasp of "Natural Peanut Butter" [skippys], mix it all together, warm it in a microwave,[under 110 degrees]. This is served on a saucer along with: 1 tbsp each of lightly cooked, Lentils, Split Peas,[yellow or green] Orzo and Star pasta, and 4-10 Cooked plain Garbanzo beans.:o


During the Day:


Fresh Veggie Time!!!;)


Each bird gets, depending on what there favorite is: Some Chopped Dark Green Leafy veggie, slice or 2 of Squash, [Zucchini, Yellow, Chayote] 1-2 Grapes, A couple Pieces of Pepper, [Red, Yellow, Orange, Anaheim, etc] 1-2 Sweet Peas in pod. Once or twice a week they get their Egg, cooked Corn on the Cob, Chicken Drum Stick, Bites of Turkey and Fish.

Seed and Pellets are kept in there cage after dinner till breakfast!


Note: this alone, with Dark Green Leafy veggies, and Sunlight for Calcium absorption,has more dietary needs then pellets or seeds! Ad a little Protein, ie: White Chicken/Turkey/Salmon/Tuna, and a Well Done Hard boiled egg, shell and all, a couple times a week for a complete healthy diet. Keep a little pellets and seeds available, our large fid's are given approx 1/8 cup a day.:rolleyes:


Hi, Maggie here...chief cook, bottle washer and Jay's other half...Thank you...it is easy. We prepare it fresh daily and refrigerate it. The cooked sweet potatoes, rice, orzo, beans, lentils last about three days. (Of course, they have eaten it all by then anyway...LOL)


The night before, I mix the sweet potato with the peanut butter and apple sauce and when Jay gets up in the morning (five days a week), he puts everything on a plate (in nice little globs) and warms it in the microwave before adding his choice of fruit. Then he divides it on to 4 plates, one for each of the Fids except for Joey and Spock (they are fed from the same plate).

It is so easy to prepare that we like to make them fresh. Every three days, I make the food the night before. What is so nice about about this is nutritionally, they are getting what they need along with the fresh veggies, green leafy veggies and small amount of pellets/seeds they get. And...say you have a small amount of cooked carrots or small amount of boiled white potatoes, you can add or substitute for the sweet potato. Peas, carrots, any of the good veggies can be substituted. If you have spaghetti, you can sub chopped for the Orzo. The main reason we don't freeze is some of the veggies can take on a different taste once frozen.


Final note: Cooked Garbanzo Beans ( Chickpeas) we always feed them last, otherwise they don't eat their meal (they like them WAY too much...LOL)


****Beans and rice make a complete protein****

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Hello Dogu and welcome to our family, so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing a lot more about you and Jack. He is a handsome fells from the pics you shared.

You will find lots of useful information in our many threads and be sure to check out the bird food room for lots of ideas and suggestions of what to feed Jack and even what not to offer, some things are toxic to our birds.

Thanks for sharing some pictures of Jack in your intro post.

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jayd, from what i understand you feed your birds mostly human food and little pellet and seeds? how do you cook the chicken/tuna/turkey/salmon ? there are some things i never heard of like garbanzo beans,orzo and star beans other than that i will try to follow your recipe it sounds healthy

Orzo and star are small pasta, [spaghetti] Garbanzo [CHICK PEAS] are a bean. Chicken and turkey you can boil, bake, roast, no seasoning, white meat only. Tuna, caned tuna packed in water, low sodium if yo can find it, serve right out of the can..You can also give about a 1/4 slice of a wheat bread with natural peanut butter on it... Thanks...Jayd

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i know i havent join the conversations around here a lot, most of you probably never heard of me:) little update on jack he expanded his vocabulary nowadays. he now says moooooooooooom and give me a kiss,kiss kiss. i ll try to record him speaking you may find it funny to hear a bird speaking in turkish :)


he also bonded closely with me and became more aggresive to my girlfriend.


he used to scream at my german shepherd maya but he get used to her(as you can see in my avatar picture) but his new source fear is my newly adopted 3 years old solid black german shepherd named UZI(name is gun name which i wouldnt give to a dog but his first owner gave it). this time he is really scared of this black giant but i hope jack will accept the formerly abused new member of our family. i will also post a picture of my german shepherd.


i know this isnt the right topic to talk about other pet but i want to give some information about him too. but he is a dog that was abused by some sick minded uncertified trainers trying to teach him to pass a schutzund(a dog sport based on obedience,tracking and protection) exam. he was saved by my friend a veterinary doctor and probably the best dog trainer in Turkey(he turned a mixed breed shelter dog to a certified search and rescue dog also 2 time skyhoundz european frisbee dog championship winner with his border collie) and was trained as a tumor detector(93% succes rate) in a state sponsored project.after the project was halted my friend decided to give UZI to a person who can accept him as a indoor dog.(he owns 12 dogs from various working breeds,28 mixed breed shelter dogs that lives in his kennel and 3 cats in his home so he really didnt have a place for another dog) and luckily that was me. because he was abused he is very sensitive and thrives for attention and very tolerant of our other dogs including 3 pound yorkie. it feels good to give him the proper life he deserved very much from the beginning of his life.


anyway thats what is up with the JACK and his family. it has been been a long thread sorry if i bored you.

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welcome! nice flock/pack! kallie was terrified of our dog hermes at first. we put up trays to keep some distance between the cage and hermes in the beginning, so she could make her opinion about hermes from a little distance. we let her see us pet him, fuss over him, etc. now she makes a point of interacting with him when he goes near her cage. she goes down to his level, says "hi you" then turns her head around for a rub! she just doesn't understand that hermes can't do that, lol!! it might take some time, but as jack sees his "flock" interacting with the dogs, he'll learn they're ok to be around. however, we don't let our birds out when our dog is inside. i trust hermes, but, he is still a dog and his natural self could come out at any time! i know others can have their birds and dogs/cats all out together, but i just feel better not doing that!

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