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Hey Newbie Here (:

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Hiya my names Coral im 17 from england, On thursday we bought our African Grey her names Georgia shes a year and 5 months old she can say quite a few words shes not very tamed even though she came on mine and my boyfriends hand like out of know where, but then after that she tends to bite, well im so glad ive came across this forum to be honest, looks so helpful and were going through a few problems, which ill post here,

and ive also uploaded some photos of Georgia!






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Welcome Coral and Georgia!!


Bless you for taking in a young grey in need of a loving home. :)


The bite is pretty much the only way a bird has of letting another know they do not wish to do whatever is being requested and is normally more of a pinch or just hard pressure to let you know. You will quickly learn her body language and know before you request something like a step-up or a head scratch whether shes wants to or not. At one and a half years old, they are just starting to express their Independence and come into their own like a human teenager trying to figure out boundary lines.


Also, only having had her a few days, means she is getting used to the new home and people. You will not see her entire personality come out for weeks probably. Greys do not take change very well or new items like toys etc. depending on how well they were socialized and introduced to change and lots of people when they were infants to a year old. Just keep this in mind as you may see some reactions to things with a scream or flying away. :)


I love the photos and appreciate your sharing them. :)

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Hello Coral and welcome to our family and congrats on getting Georgia, she is a beauty and thanks for sharing them in your intro post.

Georgia is just coming into her independence now that she is about 1 1/2 years old but like Dan said she is in the honeymoon phase right now and you won't see her real personality until she settles in to her new home so give her lots of time and be patient with her as she unpacks her bags.

You need to spend lots of time with her, talk to her even if she is in her cage, read to her and don't force her to do anything she is not comfortable with to gain her trust, offer her little treats to help the process along.

All birds bite, its one of the ways they have to tell us they don't like something so take notice of what you are doing at the time of the bite but as time goes by you will be more able to read her body language which will indicate when a bite may be coming so you can avoid it.

I would suggest you read thru a lot of the threads here for lots of useful information and do ask questions and we will help you in any way we can.

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Hey thanks for all the replys some really good helpful advice (:

we got a problem we was thinking about her wings need clipping because we want to tame her, does she have to have them clipped?

i no alot of people say you do because they depend on you more,

just wondering what are your views?

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Hi there's a lot of good opinions on clipping on this forum. " need clipping because we want to tame her, does she have to have them clipped?"... This is a Myth, if anything , clipping has nothing to do with taming, if anything, it has the opposite effect. No you don't have to clip.... If you do, how will you know the excitement of getting your head pooped on? Thanks Jayd



http://www.greyforums.net/forums/sho...ective-Neutral Clipping




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Most of us here are of the opinion to leave the wings unclipped, birds were meant to fly, that why they are born with wings. It is a decision each owner has to decide for themselves and you know your own situation and whether a flighted bird is safe in your home. Go thru the threads that Jayd has provided a link to and read them and make your decision based on the facts presented and your own household.

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Neo had his wings clipped when he came to us but it was a very modest clip. He can still fly down. I have ordered an aviator harness that should be here by the end of the week. I hope to get him accustomed to the harness and plan to never have him clipped again.

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