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Used Bird Cage?


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Yes, you can find them on the Internet or sometimes in local papers.


You just need to carefully inspect it for rust or other damage. Then once you purchase it, sanitize it very thoroughly before putting any bird in it.


You can find some really good deals sometimes.


You may want to find out when the next bird mart is in your area, they have brand new cages sometimes for half the cost you would normally pay.

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I purchased a used one, and wouldn't do it again. It was for 200. and I had to clean it and the pan was in rough shape. It also had rust on it, so I ended up sanding it down and then painted it with black grill paint. It was alot of work and I could have purchased a new one on ebay for 200. After all the work and exta paint I had more than 200 dollars into mine. I will shop on line next time.;)

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I just bought a used bird cage off of craigslist.com too. It was about $500 cage atleast and I picked it up for $150. It was only used for 8 months (the girl took her grey to California and got a new cage out there. Anyway, I recommend craigslist. com for everything. They were asking $200 for the cage and I asked if they could go any lower and they did. It's always worth a try and usually works. This cage was in new condition, too.

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