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sweet cherries with seeds


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I could eat a whole bag of them--and have. Maybe I'll take the seeds out and let Benji try them. It seems the general rule is that fruit seeds are bad?


But you can't avoid tiny seeds like kiwi, grape, and banana. So maybe a rule of thumb is, if it's a seed I'd eat and digest like kiwi, etc. then it's ok.


If it's a seed I wouldn't eat: cherry, apple, watermelon, then it's a no-no?

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I do take extra care when offering my birds fruit. I have given them kiwi without removing the seeds but there are several that are dangerous and could be deadly to a grey. Apple, cherry and a few others. There is a thread here in the bird food room at the top of the page about 10 common foods that can poisen your grey. You should give it a read. It's got some good info in it and talks a little bit about seeds. There are many other threads in the bird food room worth reading, too:)


If you do not know for sure, I would not take the risk and feed it. It is best to ask your avain vet if you aren't sure.


I think I'm going to go have some cherries now. You guys have made me hungry talking about them:laugh:

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