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Spock at 21 weeks old


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B) Sorry, counted wrong, Spock is only 24.5 weeks old now !!!!



Hi, Spock here...I haven't written lately because I have been busy...hey, a Grey's work is never done. Training my slaves is a non-stop job. You would not believe the effort I have to put into it daily. I have to ride herd on all the other birds in the house and keep them in line. The little ones are cute, although the new one is a little standoffish. I preen her but she doesn't get the idea that she is supposed to return the favor.

I like to play on my back now and turn over whenever I can. My Slaves have all my toys handy so when I am ready, they can hand them to me while I play on my back. My little friends like to hide on top of my slaves' wardrobe and when my slaves bring up the stick, I like to chew on it. I don't know why they won't let them stay up there...

Maybe I will have time to write more this week. I am banned from the computer because I played with a few of the keys...

How was I supposed to know they came off so easy and broke...

ooppsss! here they come...bye for now...



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He's so "CUTE!!" its nice to here he's living the life of leisure. and that his slaves are running around trying to do everything to make his life wonderful.:laugh: :woohoo: Adaya also love to play on her back she thinks there is nothing better than either laying in my hand having a wrestling match with my other hand or dangling upside down from my hair and trying to grab my nose with her beak. I hate it but haven't been able to stop her from doing it yet she thinks its the funnest game ever the silly bird.:evil::silly: I've tried putting my hair up with big bows and berets but she doesn't care it doesn't stop her.:)I may just have to cut all my hair off that would fix her:laugh:<br><br>Post edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2009/07/07 06:28

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Hi, Spock here...it depends...how old is she and is she cute??

Oh, sorry! Thanks for all your nice comments. My computer time is limited so I will see you all later...

Spock Pictureh050.jpgB) "Live Long and Prosper":) Pictureh099.jpgPictureh094-1.jpgPictureh117.jpgPictureh114-1.jpg<br><br>Post edited by: Jayd, at: 2009/07/07 04:32

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