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Are we helping the wild greys by banning all impor


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Yes, I believe we are, I quote from the article:


"Between 1994 & 2003 more than 450 000 parrots were captured and exported under controls that required a permit from a national authority to certify that the export was not detrimental to the species in the wild."


353 heads and 2000 tail feathers are nothing compared to the numbers that were being captured to export out to other countries. They very well could have been from Greys that Died died in those very small transport boxes they shove them all into to transport them out of the capture site.


Now, someone needs to go decapitate that witch doctors head and stop the senseless treatments he is performing for his mentally ill brother, which I suspect the witch doctor suffers from the same ailment as well...

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We certinally have some sick people with same strange religous practices. All these people that hurt animals for their own purposes what ever they are should have the same thing done to them as they do to the animals and then maybe the carnage would stop.

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I wanted to puke the first time I read it.


That one man was caught. What about other men who were not caught?


Greys are flock creatures. How long would it take to cast a net over a flock of them?


With the total ban on import of Greys, the value of greys there will be how much meat on the body for the cooking pot.

No meat on the head, so off with the heads to that man with the 353 of the heads.



If wild greys are allowed to be sustainably harvested for the pet trade, the people there will give a higher value to the wild greys instead of counting heads to be sold. They more likely will allow the wild greys to live instead.



Those who achieved that total ban on wild greys import must still be petting themselves on their back and soliciting $$$ to assist them to maintain such ban while heads come off the remaining greys in the wild.


This is a sick world we are in

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I haven't looked at the link your provided Shanlung for I would be so sick at what I saw but there is a lot of sick people in this world and it no longer shocks me what they will do.


I am torn between whether we are helping or not, damned if we do and damned if we don't.:angry:

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