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Shower time - not happy


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Cleo has been declining to shower the last few weeks, so rather than force her I just let her sit on the shower rail in the steam and watch. Last night I noticed she was very dusty, to the point where her beak had turned grey after grooming her back.


So today I made her have a shower. Well, what a commotion! Lots of quacking and clucking and trying to run away. Eventually Cleo tolerated just a minute under the spray and sat still. She then managed to lull me into a false sense of security and when I let my guard down she flapped off.


After I was done, I managed to coax her down from the rail, and she was back to her sweet cuddly self. What amazed me was how she did not try to bite me during the shower, even though it was very clear she loathed every second of it. The other thing that touched me was how she didn't hold a grudge against me after, and perched quite happily on my shoulder.


She's such a sweet baby, and still continues to try and feed me her regurged food.

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Sometimes when they are young, they will let you get them in the shower with you. It does not mean they enjoy it or welcome it. They are just a very young baby complying with their Parront. It does not take that long for it to change.


You will probably need to start misting with a spray bottle while your grey is confined to the cage or roll the whole thing outside, put a nozzle on the hose, adjust it to a cone position and let and fall like rain upon your grey.


They still don't like it, but it is necessary. I follow up by spraying mine down with Aloe from a spray bottle to get the skin nice and supple.

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Azzie, I think you got a good start on Cleo taking showers. You said she did tolerate being under the spray for a while so I would take that as a good sign. I believe once she thinks about it and is exposed to it more she will love it. Have patience, it's for her own good!

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Thanks for the advice Dan! She hates being misted even more than being showered, and the way she flaps around the cage if I try makes me fearful she'll do herself an injury. I've not managed to find any pure Aloe juice, only stuff with additives such as preservatives. I guess if the preservative is vitamin E it wouldn't matter so much?


Luvparrots, what you wrote is what I am hoping for! I might try and putting a dish of water on the bottom of the cage today. Knowing Cleo and how nosy she is, she will go and check it out.


Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated!

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