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Finally made it

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[file] Hello Falks.

I finally found the time to search for the welcome room. It never crossed my mind that it would be under forums. I thought it would be easier to find. ;)


This is not my first post, I posted before about my new CAG Sindbad, and I got great feedback. Thank you all. Sindbad is now 11 months old. He is a sweethart, although sometimes he is just mean and he bites. But overall he is a very nice guy. He was known in this community with his first owner as "Tango"


He is not talking yet, but he is making a lot of whistles and clicks. Recently he has been doing that too much and he is starting to do it very loudly, probably because our 15 month niece who is visiting us is being loud as well. Both of them are cautious of each other. Hahaha.

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