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Food snatcher strikes again!!


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Definition of attitude: Spock!

Spock is 14 weeks old and started eating eating his morning formula again :S after 2 weeks of only night-time formula. He also eats his mash mix 2 times a day plus aaaaalllll his fresh veggies.

Today, I was sitting on the couch with Spock on his playpen behind me and Rollo (his pet Min-pin) on my lap. I had just gotten a few pieces of his favorite veggies, Sugar snap peas, broccoli, zucchini, squash and cauliflower for his afternoon snack. I set the food down beside me and Spock moseyed over toward the food. Rollo jumped up, ran past Spock and proceeded to eat all the veggies while Spock looked on with a quizzical expression, as if to say he could not believe it was happening. When Rollo was done, Spock went over and beaked where the food should have been and bleeped me.

I had to get up and get more food.:laugh:

Maggie<br><br>Post edited by: Jayd, at: 2009/05/10 02:24

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Yea I know just how that is I have a papilion and a shith-zu that do stuff like that all the time. My shith-zu will even eat oranges and she will jump threw hoops almost for a dill pickle I don't know how many dills she has stolen over the years silly dog.

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Rollo eats just about anything he can get his hands or paws on, especially if the birds had it or he thought they had it first...:laugh: I think he draws the line at pickles though he does like them on his hamburger...:laugh: Spock is a little piggie for sure; Spock still wants his morning and evening formula. When Spock is done, we serve Rollo the last spoon of formula (with his own spoon) and then Spock will growl for his formula again when he sees Rollo eating the last bit. Jay always saves a bite to feed Spock again and Spock will do the head bob and pretend to eat but the formula just goes everywhere.:P :laugh: Spocks weights 509 grams and growing!!!

Maggie & Jay<br><br>Post edited by: Jayd, at: 2009/05/12 07:08

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