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Buying a African Grey

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I've been looking and looking but I never find a african grey.

We are looking for an African gray who is not too old and like to sit with peoples and watch television and ofcourse play with he's toys.


Is it really so difficult to find a grey parrot?



I was going to buy a Blue/gold Macaw, but when i called the owner, they had sold him, so now we are going to find a grey parrot--

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How old is to old these birds live 50to 60 years so even 15 to 20 year old bird is still quite young and will still want to play sometimes and will definatly want to come and sit with you as long as the bird has been in a home and raised with lots of love and companionship it doesn't matter how old he is.

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Be patient and you will find one. I looked for months and finally found Sam only 3km away from my home!


Don't worry about age either. My last grey loved to cuddle and be scratched even when he was 20 years old.


My older grey Nelson loved to sit on his play stand next to my chair while we watched TV in the evenings. When we were quiet and calm watching TV so was he. He would sit, look around, preen and nap.


Good luck.


Tom<br><br>Post edited by: SamsDad, at: 2009/05/10 23:20

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Welcome Nicole!!


It's GreYt having you here. It sounds like your on the track to find a Grey. If the man is saying you need to wear gloves to handle that Grey, it may be one that you want to avoid.


Gloves just scare a bird more than your hand, which is what properly raised and socialized birds are used to stepping up on and interacting with.


It certainly would not hurt to go and see the Grey to find out how it reacts to you and check on it's health condition.


Looking forward to hearing more from you. :-)

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Please think long and hard before getting a grey.Greys are not an easy pet to keep and need a lot of care and attention Please read through various threds in this forum and you will soon become aware of some of the problems you may come up against.I am not trying to put you off just dont wish you to regret your decision. Please do a lot of research,talk to vets and breeders so you have a better understanding of the comitment you are entering into.

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I have read a lot about a gryy. I have also had borrowed books and read a lot of posts on this site.

I'm home all the time so I have much time.

I have a budgerigar and a dog already that also require attention, so I am therefore at home all the time, to take care of my animal and play with dem

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heheh ok .,


nå fint nok .,ellers er der tinggaardens parrtos.


hhun hedder susan .hendes nummer er 54866080


deres email er. ove.susanne@tinggaarden.parrots.dk..


og se dig godt for når du skal kigge på fuglene hvor du end vælger at købe den ..vær kritisk og tag ikke den første og bedste..

susan kan du være helt sikker på har tingene iorden og hendes fugle er altid helt iorden .,

knus Madhuri :silly:

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