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Creative recipes for our Parrots.


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This is a really nice site. I've already tried the mash but used only dried beans and legumes instead of the canned ones. I also tried the Candied apple recipe and my flock devoured the fruits of my labour and had a really great time too!{Feel-good-00020114}


I also discovered that my Emma really enjoys Hot Peppers!


For those who don't know this.. don't worry! Hot peppers are perfectly fine for our parrots. They are able to enjoy them alot more than we can because they lack the specific receptors which detect the burning sensations. If your parrot chooses to eat hot peppers their stools will be a little runnier than usual.







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Don't be discouraged dhorje! Sometimes it may take some time before they enjoy a new food. It is part of the process. Is it possible to freeze what you made in small portions and offer some later on?{Feel-good-00020114} Don't give up and keep trying. Which recipe did you try? I would try spiking the recipe with your grey's favourite foods. In my case I also add chopped up pieces of Harrison's powertreats and my Emma loves it! By the way.. the mash doesn't need to be heated up.. but mine likes theirs warm.

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The BEST way is to freeze it in 3 day portions and take out as needed.

Thats what I do, I label the large ziplock bag with the date and what it is, and inside put all of the small baggies.

I know the heartbreak when you slave away in the kitchen and are so proud of your creation and then get a taste and NO THANKS mom/dad I no likey!!

I keep trying and offering anyways...cant hurt!

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I made the mush and mash but I didn't follow all the ingredients. I added what I had at that time, mainly the food that I fed to my grey. I had all of them blended and kept in the freezer. Today is the 2nd day.

My grey didn't really eat them. I mixed some with millets and fed to my other parrots. Hope they swallowed some when they were eating the millets.

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