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Hello Everyone!


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I adopted a 12 year old African Grey 2 weeks ago. His name is Stosh and he is awesome! Quite a talker and already picking up new words and phrases so quickly. He is pretty friendly. He bit me once and then he said "Ouch" so it seems like he knows better. He is getting better. At night he lays his head against the side of the cage when he is going to bed and lets me pet his head. He takes food from my hand and has done that from day one. I would like to get him a bigger cage. The one he came with seems to be a little small for him. Probably is the one he has had since he was a baby. He only had one owner before me and she is a very nice lady. We keep in touch by email. I tell her how he is doing and she gives me advice based on what I tell her. I like to think of it as an open adoption!


It is nice to meet all of you!:cheer:

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The previous owner married a musician and they travel a lot. Her elderly parents (in their 80s) had been taking care of him while they traveled, but due to health reasons, they were no longer able to do it. She didn't want to give him up but felt it was the best thing for him. I did not know them. I had posted an ad on Craigslist and she answered it. I went over to meet her and Stosh and we all hit it off right away. I brought him home the same day. I email her almost every day to keep her updated on how he is doing. She says that helps her a lot and it also helps me because she can tell me things about him and about his behavior. He is just wonderful.

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