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Conversations with your Grey


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I think it might be interesting to hear others conversations with their Greys. We all know how intelligent they are, so let's hear your conversations.


I work out of town all week and call my wife every night. At some point towards the end of our conversation, she always puts it on speaker phone so I can speak with Dayo.


Dayos conversation last night:


Dayo - "Whistle"


Me - this means the Andy Griffith song, so I whistle it.


Dayo - "You like that?"


Me - "Yes, I like that"


Dayo - "Ok"


Me - "I'm coming home tomorrow"


Dayo - "Be Careful!"


Me - "Ok, good bye Dayo".


Dayo - "I love You"


Me - "I love you too".


End of conversation and I say good bye to my wife.


Now, lets hear all the others conversations with their Greys.<br><br>Post edited by: danmcq, at: 2009/05/08 14:55

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Okay here goes the ritual evryday as I come into the house from work!!!


16h30: Open the gates Boesman starts to whistle........

Entering the house:

Conversation (I am Afrikaans but are gonna translate the conversation to English)


Boesman "whistles"


Me: "Hi My Angel"


Boesman: "Hello Mom"


Me: "What did you do today?"


Boesman: "Boesman was naughty"


Me: "Why? Was Tarkwa (dog) naughty?"


Boesman: Tarkwa move,get out naughty boy"


Then I am of to the kitchen to get him some goodies


Boesman: "Mom what you doing?"


Me: "Getting my angel some treats"


And then it's whisteling, eating, playing till bedtime...


Me: Boesman, goodnight I love you


Boesman: Sleep well I love you


I know people that don't have these AG's will think we are making this up but it's true they are so clever!!!! {Nature-00020082}<br><br>Post edited by: Natasha, at: 2009/05/08 15:11

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I will do a conversation that I heard our 2 having yesterday:


Kea: I am going in the car to buy food

Rangi: What is for dinner

Kea: Pizza

Rangi: What, yummy. It is so yummy with food (he also does the smacking of the lips sound at this stage)

Kea: Goodbye

Rangi: Coming soon

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These are GreYt!!


Thanks for posting conversations so quickly. It looks like this will be a very entertaining and informative thread for us all. :-)


And to think, most people think they just "mimic". ;-)<br><br>Post edited by: danmcq, at: 2009/05/08 15:25

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I was asking my hubbie if i was getting an easter egg from him and before he had chance to reply....


Mali said "No!"

thats the extend of his coversation so far he hasn't really talked much since his collar was out on.

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This is a great thread, Dan! You're getting karma from me, my friend!


A few days ago I was sitting on the floor with our rabbit (Snowball, a.k.a. "Bunny-boo", a.k.a. "Bubboo") treating a sore eye he has developed - as Maxi sat on the door to her cage watching and emitting a running chatter of "Bubboo okay? Okay? Bubboo?"


Tanner, of course, decided that conditions were perfect for him to crawl down the outside of his cage and start sneaking over to bite my toes, since he considers human toes to be a particular delicacy. I saw what he was up to, and said to him "No you don't, Tanner", "Don't you bite my toes, Tanner..." as he's sidling across the floor, beak extended, watching me with one eye to see if I'm actually going to stop him, (since my hands are full of rabbit...). The suspense mounts...he's getting closer...:ohmy: and then:


"Taaannnnnnnerrrrr - noooooooooooo!" from Maxi!


:P :P


Glad to have her in my corner!

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I am gonna love this thread, I cant wait till ZZero has more of a vocab right now he say HI, Hello, Peekaboo, Ozzybourne ( my dog) and whatcha doing. So yesterday he kept yelling Ozzybourne Ozzybourne, whatcha doin?


So outta his 6 words I think him and the dog have great conversations so far.:cheer:


Cant wait to hear more stories!

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I love it too- I wish my greys were at the point where we could have these fun conversations too.

So far, Lyric says a clickie sound that I interpretted to mean "Cup". So, if I show him a cup he says it. But, if I show him something else and ask what it is, he says cup too. We're working on it.

Sadie Grey still says "pretty birdie" and also Lyric's interpretation of cup- said just like he says it. She hasn't learned anything new besides that. It makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong and why my birds are not great talkers... don't get me wrong, I love them regardless, but I would be so beside myself if they could have conversations like some of yours do.

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Oh I can't wait I can post something to this thread!! Chimay has JUST recently picked up a talent for whistling, and he still makes low garbled noises when he's "practicing" his human-talk. He's about 5 months old so I think we've got some time to wait yet.


I'm excited to read others' convos with their greys! Keep em coming! :D

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Oh, these conversations are so touching. I'm hoping to some day have some birdie conversations for everyone. I just love this thread and karma to our wonderful Professor McQ for again starting a fantastic topic!<br><br>Post edited by: luvparrots, at: 2009/05/08 20:53

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Heck, Ziva talks so much and we have conversations daily. Some are cuter than others.


I posted this one already in the thread where she's making me nuts but it was so cute.


She woke up an hour early and kept repeating, "Heeellllllooooo. Good morning. What 'cha doing? Yoooo hoooo. Are you sleeping? Are you beddie bye?" When I didn't reply, she went into her evil pissed off voice and repeated, "YOU SON OF A B!ITCH!" over and over again.


Last night I was talking to her about how damn hot it was and she said, "I feel like I'm gonna choke." She's never said that with me before. I did turn up the a/c.

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Tyco isn't a big fan of hanging toys except her bell and her boing she has tons of foot toys she loves them. a couple days ago she had thrown all her toys onto the floor (nothing new) so she says to me mom wanna play I said mabie in a little while. she say Tyco wanna play I said thats nice she said toys want toys. I said oh is that what this is all about you want me to pick up your toys Tyco yea then sha said bug-a-boo- quack quack, tweet tweet. those are her 3 favorites and her duck that says quack quack,her baby chick that says tweet tweet and bug a boo that says all kinds of thing when you move the handles or wings back and forth. she new what she wanted and it wasn't to play with me she just wanted me to pick them up for her as usual.:laugh:

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This morning's discussion:


Jenna: Where's my Susan?

Me: I'm right here baby.

Jenna: You're so good girl

Me: Thank you!

Jenna: What are you doing?

Me: Reading a book

Jenna: Beautiful

Me: I'm glad you approve

Jenna: I love you sweetheart

Me: I love you too, Jenna

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Wow these are some awesome conversations you all are having with your greys, Josey and I have nothing to compare to these but it is wonderful to hear what is going on in other households with their beloved greys.


Thanks for starting this thread Dan.

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Tobie isn't that far along with his vocabulary yet, but I believe every word and love hearing these stories. Karma to Dan for once again coming up with a great post.


Tobie has developed a cough and it is amazingly reallistic even coughs when saying words. It follows two back to back colds that I've had. Our little conversation went like this.

Tobie: What's u-cough cough-p!

Me: Tobie are you sick?

Tobie: Nope! cough cough

Me: That's good! Are you OK then?

Tobie: Yup!

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Not trying to hog the spot light here. As I said Tobie's converstions can't hold a candle to some of these. I had to share this though. It happened today.


Some of you remember when my husband taught Tobie to say "cut the damn radio off". He can say that now with or without the damn (his choice). Another expression he uses, when he is in the cage and wants out, is "open the door".

Today he was politely saying "Open the door.----Open the door.---Open the door. I was busy and ignoring him. Then he said in an angry voice - "Open the damn door". I couldn't beleive he stuck that word in a new sentence. How did he know where to put the word.

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Hahahahahaha Jan, thats too funny and I love Tobies ability at using the word "Damn" appropriately to emphasize that he is becoming irritated, to say the least. :-)


I love all these conversations posted so far. Thanks to all for what you've added so far and keep them coming!! :-)


I'll post more as I have time.

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I love this thread. It's so much fun to read!


I finally found a toy Ziva likes. She was playing with it and beating the you-know-what out of it and said, "I like it!"


When I open her cage, I say, "Wanna come out?" and when it's time to go back, I say, "Time to go back." I was going out Saturday night and told her I was almost ready to leave. She asked, "I gotta go back?" I told her yes and she said, "Oh." Then she climbed back into her cage.


I got home late and crashed on my bed for a second before doing my nighttime chores.


Ziva - What 'cha doing?


Me - Resting for a second.


Z - Are you all right?


Me - Yes, I'm just really tired.


Z - Are you gonna go beddie bye?


Me - In a few minutes.


Z in her cranky voice - You need to go sleepy bye!


Last night I hadn't put her to bed yet and I was really tired and yawning.


Z - Are you gonna go beddie bye?


Me - Yes, in a few minutes.


Z in her cranky voice - WE need to go beddie bye!


And so we did.

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