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I think he might like me


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Either that or I am a convenient preening tool. :)


Last night I spent about an hour with him in his quarantine room (spare bedroom). He shared some cereal with me (just a little - organic and whole grain!), which I was happy about (it wasn't seed!).


I then brought him over to the bed and was half-sitting/lying down with him perched on my hand. He stepped off of it onto my stomach and walked up to my chest. I was a bit nervous having him that close to my face (with memories of his biting attack when we met), but I just kept a very close eye on his expression and decided to go with it and just be ready to move him off me immediately if his demeanor changed.


Well, he totally surprised me. He slowly put his head down near my chin and asked for head and neck scratches. After a few minutes of scratches (he looked very content with his eyes closed), he decided to settle in and was almost lying down (kind of like a bird sitting on a nest)! He stayed there for about 15 min and then went back to my hand to perch, tucked up one foot and started to go into "sleepy birdy" mode. :)


I was absolutely thrilled and so amazed that he was able to be that trusting with me already. My nanday will cuddle with me like that, but only after years of building our relationship. I kept wishing someone was there to get a picture so I had proof!


Now I'm starting to believe he might actually like me and his good behavior isn't just a result of changing his environment...




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Oh congratulations dawn, that is wonderful news!! :-)


He is really coming around very rapidly. You are very fortunate to have rescued such a well socialized and loving Grey. :-)


Of course, He is very fortunate for having you there to rescue him when he needed a home.

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Well, I've gotten the gram stain result back and that was normal. I think I should have the rest of the test results back by early next week.


I can't wait until this quarantine is over and I'm very hopeful that everything will look good. I'm anxious to get him in the living room so he can be with the rest of the bird/animal family and hang out. He's got to be lonely in there by himself.


I got him a new rope perch yesterday (so far he's only looking at it suspiciously) and also a new toy that I hope he will investigate today.


Also hopeful that he may want to take another bath today... ;)



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It sounds like you've got yourself a new best friend thats so great. I just love to hear about birds that have attached themselves to a new companion quickly I sad when they greive for their previous home and just sit and do nothing. Least its not going to be to hard for him to get on with his life

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