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New Owner in need of tips

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Hello there,

My husband has researched and wanted a Grey for about 5 years. We found a great breed and he was hand raised since born in mid January. We ahve had him for 3 weeks now. The 1st 2 weeks he has been a peach. Just in the last few days he has been throwing temper tantrums and bitting me a little to hard. He seems fine when my husdband gets home. When ever he bites or throws a tantrum,we put him in his cage for a time out. Hes eating well. We keep him on his perch and play with him from the time we get home and put him in his gage around 9:30 for bed. I'm afraid hes going to start biting more ad much harder. I'm not afraid of him at all, I love him, just concerned. any tips out there?

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Congrats on the Grey!! You will find lots of help here great people!! On the bitting side I don't have any answers :S Boesman started biting my husband a few months ago he is fine at night but when morning comes he bites him and the strange thing is he reared him:ohmy: I was at work most of the time so he looked at him so he is not impressed at all lol....He will call him and let him scratch his head as soons as he sees me entering the room he snatches at my husband??<br><br>Post edited by: Natasha, at: 2009/05/08 08:42

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Welcome annacorrea!!


It's GreYt having you here. Congratulations on getting your Grey.


In regards the biting more often and harder, it could be that your Grey is starting to show a preference for your husband and thus starting to limit the more personal interaction with you on a touching basis.


You are doing the right thing by saying a firm NO and placing him back in his cage for a time out as you walk out of the room and let him think about his actions for a 10 minute break or so.


You need to start paying close attention to his body language. Watch for his eyes pinning, neck feathers ruffling and perhaps leaning down and forward. Those are signs that they are giving you that indicate what your doing is not being well received.


It's better to learn body language and keep the bite from happening, which you will be able to do for the most part once you get his peculiar body language figured out.


Looking forward to hearing more from you. :-)

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Sorry Anna about the biting. Is your grey, what is his name by the way, only biting you? Have you been doing something different then normal? Without knowing the situation it is only guess work about the cause. My baby grey, Ana Grey, 9 months old, is a sweetheart, most of the time, but occasionally she will nip at me because she doesn't want to leave the top of her cargo net when I want her to. I then back off and wait a little while. If she still doesn't come down, I offer her a treat, peanut or pecan nut, which she totally loves, and that usually immediately gets her to come down to where I want her to. I am the only one who interacts with Ana Grey now so her bite is what it means, "I don't want to, go away." Sometimes they just like alone time and I try to respect that if I can. I don't know if this helps you, but they are intelligent creatures and unfortunately sometimes have minds of their own. I'm glad you have decided to join the family. If you have any pictures of your grey, we would love to see him. Welcome to the family!

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Look at it this way Anna, you have only had him three weeks, the honeymoon phase is over and he is starting to show a little more of his personality and he may be showing a preference for one of you over the other, this is not unusual for greys.


You will find lots of useful information in our many threads so do read thru them at your leisure and do ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.


We love pictures here so if you have some of your grey you would share with us we would apreciate it very much.


BTW, what is his name?

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