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Giving in to the head scratch?


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We're in the process potty training Ash.


Whenever we take her out, we hold her above a pee pad and say "go potty."


Most of the time, she goes potty and we get to our playtime. However, recently, she's learned to rub her head against my hand to beg for a head scratch.

I find it so incredibly adorable. After I scratch her head... she'll potty.


However... I'm not sure if I should withhold head scratching until potty? Or give her a head scratch that leads to pottying? I just don't want it to lead to... no head scratch, no potty.


Am I over-analyzing?

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Yep, your over analysing. :-)


Maybe the head rub helps her with the act of going pop. ;-)


After she goes, get real excited and tell her what a good girl she is etc. They love praise and can tell by you voice and facial expression.


That poop moment sounds very touching. :P

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