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Hello. Hew guy here.

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My name is Brian. I have been reading this site for the past few months and have now decided to join. I am thinking about getting a Grey. Ive been doing my research and right now my only concern is the birds sensitivity to change. My work schedule is always changing. Some weeks I am home all day everyday and some weeks, Im only home for a few hours per day. I see they need 4 hours of outside cage time. Some days that might be a long shot. I dont want to cheat my little buddy or have him/her get bored.


any thoughts?


ps. this place is great btw.

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Hi Brian,


I am glad you decided to join us here.


I know a few people on here who work full time and some do shift work as well. I think your grey would adapt and as long as you spent quality time with them and left them lots of foraging toys to play with, things could work out just fine.


I always leave a radio or television on when I go out as well, just to give them a bit of background noise.


Have you seen a grey already? Are you planning on getting a baby or an older grey?


I look forward to hearing more about your future with a grey, they are wonderful companions:)

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Hello Brian and welcome to our family, so pleased you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and this new grey you want to get.


You are right, greys do not take to change very easily but that doesn't mean you cannot make it work. Starting off with a newly weaned bird will make it easier for him/her to adjust to a ever changing schedule. I work full time but it is the same week to week but then there are times I have to be gone for the day and such and Josey is ok with it. I think as long as you make it quality time and not think so much about the quantity.


Do read thru the many threads for lots of useful information and do not hesitate to ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.


Try this site for breeders in your area: www.avianbiotech.com you can do a search by state and/or species.

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