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Rexxy is 1yr


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Happy Hatch Day to our little boy Rexxy. {Love-000200C2}


He is just a good boy and just started molting last weeks or so. He has been so hungry lately too, which is great cuz he is eating a ton of veggies.

He loves just making up sounds and he only says maybe 3 words clearly.


For his hatch day dinner, he got french toast. We were going to make muffins but it is too hot to run the oven. Then he got a new monnkey and he loved beeting it up and now cuddleing with it. 21.jpg


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Happy hatchday Rexxy sounds like mom made it very speical for you. mabie Mom can make you some birdy Muffins when it not so hot. I'm glad you had such a good time with your new Monkey I'm sure you will yeach him who the boss is around there in no time you just have to keep these toys on they"re toes:laugh:

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