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Is a CAG on your shoulder/head a bad idea?


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First, I want to apologize for being gone so long and to thank all the contributors whose advice has helped my CAG, Goose, to grow back all of his lovely neck and tail feathers! (The tail is still growing in length, but all of the feathers seem to have been established for quite some time now, and I am one happy mommy :) )


I wonder what your opinions are on allowing a CAG to rest on your shoulder and/or your head. Even when I raise my arm straight up, Goose has always climbed DOWN to reach my shoulder. From there, he often grabs my hair to climb atop my head. (I must admit, his talons feel awfully good on my scalp. :P ) However, I'm concerned that allowing him to do this might convince him that he's dominant. If this is the case, how can I break him of this habit?

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and here we enter the great shoulder debate!;)

i think most people here will tell you its a personal choice in allowing your grey to be on your shoulder.

some say it's a bad idea as those beaks are quite sharp as also are their claws and i'm asuming you value everything on your face and want it kept there and in one peice.

others will say that a grey on a shoulder is a domanance thing and not to be encouraged.

also some might say its not safe for a grey up their, they might stumble and fall.


but bearing all that in mind


I LOVE MY GREY ON MY SHOULDER and i think it's part of the joy of owning such a great bird.

i move around a lot when she's on my shoulder (we can even play the Wii together);) so she's stuck on tight.


Tigerlily will go to nipp my ear so she gets taken off my shoulder and told no bite. when i turn sideways to kiss her she also thinks she can climb on my nose and chin so we've had a few scratches there.

and when she gets too boistrous and just wants to bite anything she firmly gets taken off and put on her stand and told off (with a kiss given a few seconds later)


In my opinion as long as you train the bird to behave on your shoulder i'd say go for shoulder every time.<br><br>Post edited by: Tigerlily, at: 2009/01/27 09:42

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I think it depends on the bird.If the bird is well behaved,providing some precautions are made,no ear rings,and if you know the bird well enough to judge mood and temper its not a problem. Problems start when the bird will not step up from the shoulder or runs round your back to avoid stepping up. Also the bird can become agressive if someone else comes near while they are up there.Its a matter of choice an if you are willing to take what could be a very nasty bite. I allow Charlie on my shoulder but I choose a time when he is very mellow and friendley. If he is in a mood, no way.

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The others have given great advice and comments.


The Greys do love bling - bling so watch that or you'll have a hoop ripped out. :pinch:


You can just try having your Grey on your shoulder and see how it behaves. That is the only way to know for sure.


I can say Ive had a few nips on and off over time.


Nips come when:


1 - They are VERY excited you just got home. Let them chill a while before you allow them on your shoulder.


2 - When someone or something scares them. Their natural reaction is to nip their mate to get them to Clear the area.


3. When they want your attention and your busy reading and posting on a PC. ;-)


4. When your trying to get them off your shoulder and they do not want to come down.


5. When your eating something and they decide they want some. This can be the most dangerous for a lip bite. Be VERY careful in paying attention to their body weight and if you feel it shifting around towards your face, turn your head away so all they get is the back of your head. Some may do this others won't. It just depends on your Grey.


That's just a few. Others will probably have a lot more to offer. :-)

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Thanks for all the advice.


I would consider Goose an exceptionally gentle CAG, and I love having him on my shoulder whenever he stays there and doesn't go straight to the top of my head. (As I mentioned, it feels good when he's up there, but I miss the face-to-face cuddling.) He definitely stays on my shoulder longest when I'm eating. ("I want some!")


I guess I'm not so worried about the shoulder, but maybe the head. And since my head is his preference, how can I keep him from climbing up there? Slippery shower cap or something?

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Good advice above. Shoulders are fine if the bird is well mannered, and yes, there should be no jewelery around the neck or ears to grab onto. The head is not a good idea because it gives the bird a place of dominance and should not be above eye level. When Mazy is on my shoulder and gets assertive I just raise my head so my eyes are above hers and she returns to good behavior. She always likes to be with me when I'm doing anything and the shoulder is her favorite observation point

Bruce & Mazy

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