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adding another bird to the flock


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hi i want to do my research before getting the bird this time!

am i really better off getting another grey or is there just as much chance that she'll bond to any bird. when i say bond, i mean prean eachother.

i was thinking along the lines of hahns macaw. amazons. jardine sengal, sun conures or timneh grey.

whats putting me off getting another grey is the initial cost and it would be nice to have a different parrot with different caractristics but i do love greys.

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I say get what YOU want, not what you think your grey would want. The chances of him getting along with another grey aren't any better than any other types of parrots.


I would be a sucker for the Senegal, hahn's, TAG, or some of the Amazons (YN, DYH, BF)

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