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Terry Says Hello


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I don't have a CAG or a TAG, but I'm thinking about it. I may think about it for quite awhile longer.

These birds are very interesting and challenging.

I hope you don't mind my lurking about and asking questions from time to time. I'm not quite 50 years old, so I'm not sure I'm mature and patient enough yet to own a parrot.


I have never cared for a bird but have had several experiences with birds this year that have me wondering if its for me. First, a woman in town has adopted a pigeon, or it has adopted her. She travels in her car while she does her business (renting storage) and is always free to leave at any time. Amazing.


Then before the holidays this year, I visited a pet shop that had several cockatoos, cockateels, macaws, etc, and many of the birds seemed to really like me. One did try to bite me, seemingly just to see what I'd do. I guess I didn't offend him, since he readily hopped onto my hand, climbed up my arm to my shoulder, and started playing with my glasses. What fun!


I started doing some research on the web and went back to the same pet store to see if the birds still liked me, and they did. That one even seemed excited to see me. More probably, he noticed I was happy to see him.


I have always had a dog and a cat and prefer animals that are not so cuddly and could entertain themselves. It seemed that, if I got a parrot, a grey (T or C) should be my choice.


To be honest, the poop and not being able to travel will probably keep me from getting one.


Great forum. Thanks!



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Hello Terry and welcome to the family, so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and whether or not you get a grey.


You are right to question whether or not you should get a grey as not enough people do and that is why so many birds end up in rescues and up for adoption. Would you be interested in adopting an older bird versus getting a baby grey?


If you are going to bring a bird into your home you are going to have to be able to stand a little poop on you from time to time but it is not like you will be swimming in it and in fact greys can be trained to poop on command or go certain places.


Please do read thru the many threads for lots of useful information and do ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.

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Hi Terry, you have come to the right please to find out if you are right for a grey. There is a lot of firsthand information available here. Read through the many threads here and ask all the questions you want and everyone will try to help you if we can. Welcome to the family.

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Hi and welcome. You are wise to do the reserch before purchasing a grey. They are as you say a challenge at times,they are also adorable and can be brilliant companions.It is a question of weather you have the time, space,finance(they can work out expensive to keep)and also the comitment to provide a home for the next possibley 50-60 years . Only you can answer that.Feel free to ask any questions you wish.

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Hello Terry! Glad you've joined the forum. Seems like you're thinking this through and weighing the pros and cons and that is just what you need to do. A bird is certainly a big commitment but all of us have found it is one that is definitely worth the trouble! And yes, owning a parrot does mean dealing with poo! I'm sure you'll make the right decision for your situation.

Let us know what questions you may have. :)

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Hey Terry:

I agree with all that has been said above and can only add , patience on your behalf to the list of things to consider.

I have a grey and a Too and as far as traveling is concerned, if you're gone often and a lot then maybe a grey isn't for you. They become very attached to their owners. If just traveling casually then do what I have done and find a good bird sitter you can trust and likes birds. Either in your home or in the sitters' home. If it someone who you trust and is willing to learn or, if you're lucky, already knows a little something about birds then it can work for you. My sitter has to be able to plow snow, watch the kids, and the birds. Funny how I only worry about the birds when I'm gone. I'm 52 and my bird will probably out live me but several of my kids are already fighting over who gets Mazy. So think about who may be the person to take over just in case.

Good luck in your decision process and look forward to hearing your decision. Lots of great grey owners here so don't be shy.

Bruce & Mazy

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