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CAG coming home a week early!


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My little Congo is coming a week early! in 2 weeks on Feb 6th....I just found out he's a boy- so out the window goes the name Scarlet- I'm having a hard time with boy names. So far its Indy or Max and I'm leaning toward Indy. But I'm not in love with either of those names. I had bought a cage off Craigs and after reading tons of posts about chipped paint and the risk of- last night I bought a NEW cage. Sigh.


The biggest thing I'm worried about is him becoming a one person bird- and worse loving my finance more than me. Sounds silly I know, but animals like him, and I love that my animals like him, and I want my grey to like him, I just don't want my grey to only like him. I plan on spending a ton of one on one quality time with my grey so hopefully it will be ok.


My other concern is I'm picking my grey up from the airport probably on a Friday- and I have 3 days to vet check him and I have other birds- will it be ok it take him directly to the vet? I know he'll be freaked out about the flight and leaving his breeder and I don't want to freak him out more. But at the same time I only have 3 days and Sunday my avian vet is closed!


Thank you guys so much for your help!

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Well Congratulations edillon!!


In regards the 3 day vet check. I would ask the breeder to make that 3 working days. Receiving the Grey on a Friday makes that constraint near impossible to meet. Express your concerns to the breeder before they ship that Grey. If they are agreeable, schedule the vet visit for Monday or Tuesday.


If they are not agreeable, then request the Grey be shipped on Monday and schedule the vet visit for Wednesday. The call is yours on the shipi day, not the breeders. You are the paying customer that deserves good and fair treatment.


That would be too much trauma in my opinion for one day. It would be most desirable to get him home from the airport and let him settle in over the weekend before introducing another scary situation. Atleast by then the grey will feel like it is with someone it knows in a strange environment.


In regards being worried about whom the grey will love the most. Just relax, spends lots of time with him like you mentioned and all should be ok. If not, then kick the fiance out. ;-) Just kidding.


I hope it all goes well for you and that precious Grey. :-)<br><br>Post edited by: danmcq, at: 2009/01/23 15:49

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