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Hello !


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I am here writing to say hello and ask lots of questions. I signed up and already posted a question because I don't own an African Grey but would love to become a Mom to one of these beautiful birds.

After reading my question you'll understand why I need to get as much information as possible before bring a baby home.

I have five small dogs that unforunately killed my parakeet when the bird fell to the floor and they all thought it was one of their toys. I was heartbroken because I was the reason the bird got out and was killed. I left the latch off on the door and the bird opened the door. He didn't know how to fly so just fell to the floor. They didn't put any bite marks in him but played much to rough. I'm always home but of course this was the one day I had to leave for a couple of hrs. I'll never be so careless again. But as you can see this is why I thought I should ask before getting another bird into the house. I need to know if this bird could be taught not to leave his cage or playpen. Is this possible ?

Please help me by posting a reply to my question in the other section.

I figure if I can't get this wonderful bird I might as well not tell you too much about myself because I won't be able to be part of this forum.

Thank you so much for listening.


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Hello and welcome linda!


I will just reply to this one post since it is asking the same question, but with a little more information regarding the death of your parakeet.


There is never a guarantee a bird will not go to the floor except if you kept it caged at all times. That would be cruel and a very miserable life for an African Grey.


The only guarantee of your Greys safety, would be if you locked the dogs up while you had your Grey out for 3 or 4 hours of healthy interaction for him.


Only you can come to a final conclusion on any birds safety in your home. The bottom line is you would be the responsible party needing to ensure that Grey was never alone even for a second. A dog or even the cat could kill him before you could get there to pick him up and rescue him.

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Hello Linda and welcome to the family, so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and whether or not you get a grey.


FYI, you do not have to own a grey to join or be a part of this forum, as long as you share a love for them and want to be in the company of others who own and love them is all that is required.


Like Dan said you may have to shut the dogs up for a couple of hours a day so you can have the grey out of the cage but if the dogs are in the same room you will have to supervise all out of cage time. Even if they did get a hold of the bird and didn't kill it if they broke the skin then bacteria can get in and that in itself can kill the bird. You are the only one who can answer the question of whether you can safely add a grey to your life and keep it safe from the dogs but others here do manage it quite well.


You will find lots of useful information in our many threads so read thru them at your leisure and do not hesitate to ask any and all questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.

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Hi and welcome. A bird can never be counted on to stay on a cage or stand and needs to be supervised at all times when out.As you have sadley found out dogs also cant be relied on to leave the bird alone. As Dan said the safest solution would be to keep the dogs in another room while the bird is out. Greys and indeed all birds need lots of time out the cage. Please feel free to ask any other questions you wish to help you make your decision.

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Hi Linda, welcome to the forum. I think the others have pretty much stated it all- you don't have to have a grey to be welcome here, but you just have to listen to the rest of us crazy bird lovers talk on and on about birds!

It certainly is a big decision for you to make regarding whether or not you have time to devote to keeping a grey happy & entertained and safe in a house full of dogs. They can coexist happily but in your case it may mean seperate time-outs like the others have suggested. Greys and other birds cannot be relied on to stay in one place of safety- flighted or not, sometimes their curiosity just leads them to places they shouldn't be. I know you'll make the right decision, let your heart tell you the answer and read around on this forum regarding the needs of an African grey.

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Thank you ! You sure are a very friendly group. I am so happy to hear that even though I don't own an African Grey I would still be a welcome guest.

I will take your advice and not jump into ownership until I read very carefully all the pros and cons.

I do have an unusual family situation and I am very aware of the dangers. I know one thing for sure, I will do my homework.

Thanks again for telling me that I am welcome here even if I just enjoy your great photos and read the posts which are entertaining. Much better than reading today's news.


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hello miss linda and welcome!


i joined this forum well before my merlin came home. this was and is my primary source for All Things Bird. i also subscribe to bird talk magazine which also helps me fill in the blanks.


here at the monkey house we have 3 katz, one german shepherd and 3 birdies (merlin the CAG, peetey the cockatiel and miss milly the mitred conure). the birds inhabit my very large home office which is about 20+ ft x 10+ ft. it is very secure so the katz cannot come in and since my doggy does not like to climb stairs does not come in either.


i will say though that when each birdy came home everybody got to meet and that went well indeed. no pouncing, no aggression, no fear behaviours at all. but we kept it short and sweet and got each bird up to the office ASAP. inga (GSD) is a very gentle soul and is well known as a kitten mamma. we have had little kittens in the past who were on their own way too early and inga took over all nurturing. she loves to give each kat thier morning slurp. she also is a good puppy aunty and teaches the pups we have fostered in the past thier basic house manners.


but we decided early on, well before merlin came home that the office would be the place for any birds, just to be sure nothing could go amiss when we would be out.


my entire family and friends thought i'd gone mad when we introduced birds into the monkey house. but we knew what we were doing and thought out each eventuality as best we could and it has been a rousing success and i've said 1000 times, a joy and a wonder every day.


we look forward to each step of your story as it progresses no matter what the outcome.


again, welcome!



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