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New owner of family friendly TAG .


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Well, My wife and I just bought a new TAG. And minus the belief and readings that Greys tend to bond to one single person or are scared when you bring them home. I have to laugh and say we have the worlds best grey.


From the time he came home we had him out and introduced him to the whole family including dogs and cats and he showed no signs of care or fear. He will step to any of us including my 7 year old who;s as flighty as a bird himself.


The bird is only 9 mo old. Should he be this tame and easy or do we just have the exception to a great family member? Honestly it's only been 3 days and really it seems like he's always been there.


There is absolutly no stress to be seen, He eats, steps up to anyone, gives kisses very nice, easy and friendly. Even goes in the shower.


Is this your normal grey?. I mean we looked at a congo that would rather you didn't even look at him, a couple amazons and macaws.

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Welcome dibblm!!


It sounds like you have a very well socialized baby tag there.


Each bird is different, just like people. Your seems to be very out going and trustful at this point.


Your tag will mature and start showing it later by exercising his will of who gets to have him step up, when etc. These babies grow and mature just like any critter and eventually become adults.


Enjoy those baby moments and cherish them. :-)


Looking forward to hearing more and seeing some photos when you get a chance.

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Glad to hear you are enjoying your new baby. We got our TAG in October & she is now almost 7 months. She has also been a delight & sweet to everyone. She will step up for others but then looks at me as if to say please get me down! She has made no attempt to bite & so far has been just as you say yours is. I'm very curious if she will stay this way, she gets plenty of attention. I have only heard her say one word, "hello" & that does not happen often. She has learned the crow;s call outside & "clucks" for our attention. She also coos when happy.

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Hello Dibblm and welcome to the family, so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and your new Tag. BTW, what is his name?


Well it has only been 3 days and soon the honeymoon could be over but time will tell, glad to hear he is so well socialized and is getting along so good. They each have their own personality and you may have lucked on one with an easygoing one.


Please take a little time and read thru the many threads for lots of useful information and do ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.


If you have some pictures of this grey you would like to share with us we would love to see him.

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Hello Dibblm, welcome here. Yes, TAGS can be very outgoing and friendly, and willingly go to more than one person. I'd say whomever raised your bird did a great job of socializing him. Some are this way naturally and others, well, they aren't. You may find as your grey gets older it will begin to test the waters a bit and may begin to show a preference for one person over another. Hopefully it will stay sweet and friendly for everyone in your family but chances are it will change a little as it matures.

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Hello and welcome. It sounds like you have a well socialized out going grey. As others have said this may change as he matures but with lots of time training him some boundries of behaviour problems can be minimum.For now all I can advise as you seem to be doing so well is dont take this good nature for granted,especially with your seven year old.Greys can inflict a nasty bite if they so wish.Also it can only take one mistake or fright and the trust of a grey can be lost for a long time.I hope I dont sound pesimistic, I just want to help the relationship your family have with your grey to stay that way. Good luck and best wishes Sheila<br><br>Post edited by: she, at: 2009/01/22 22:23

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