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Majestic birds


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Every time I see an eagle (picture or even better in person!) it takes my breath away.


We saw one when we were doing a charity walk/run around a local lake last year...needless to say everyone's "times" were a bit longer than normal as we all had to stop and look at him sitting up there in a tree...no more than about 12 feet off the ground. It was amazing. The crowds under the tree didn't bother him a bit. Wonder if anyone got pooped on...can you imagine a big eagle plop on the head??? :lol:

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Where I love I see Bald Eagle everyday sometimes 10 or more sitting in one tree They are so beautiful I feel so priveleged to live so close to where they congragate together Sometimes I will go down to the lake just to watch the Eagles fish first thing in the morning then after breakfast the sit in the trees and dry their feathers its wonderful to watch. I wish I had a video camera

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