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How I got Ice to eat pellets


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Hi All,


A lot people struggle to change their birds eating habits from a seed based diet to a pelleted diet.


I have had Ice for a few months now have have struggled to get him to eat his pellets.


This is what has worked for me:


Ice has 3 bowls in his cage one for his water, one for his seed mix and one for his pellets. Fill the seed bowl with 2 to 3 tablespoons of mixed seed ONLY. Fill the pellets and water in the other bowls.


Once he has consumed the seed and they will take the seed bowl away and leave the pellets. They will then have no option but to eat the pellets!!


I have just started this 3 days ago and its working like a charm!! Ice has had his head buried in his pellets for the last 15 minutes!!!


Good Luck! B)

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Good for you. I was lucky and Charlie took to pellets with ease,I was very surprised. He was seven months old when I got him and was being fed seed.He was eating pellets as soon as I gave them to him but I changed his diet over a few weeks. :cheer:

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