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I have removed your post for a couple of reasons. 1. it does not belong in this thread. 2. It is a duplicate post since you already posted in the classified section. I am not sure it is appropriate there either but I will leave it up to the mod of the classifieds room.


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Heya all. It's been a good bit since I've posted here. We still have our Grey, and he's still the same. :D We have discovered that the largest Parrot Rescue in the country is about 10 minutes from the house, and started going down with some fruit and veggies to feed. The one problem they have is they are desperately under exposed. I figured I'd post here, and help get the word out. If this is the wrong page, please move the post accordingly, and accept my apology.




Feathered Friends Forever is a Parrot/Companion Bird rescue located in Harlem, GA (about 20 miles from Augusta, where the Masters is played.) They currently have over 600 rescued birds, including approximately 15 Greys. They are a 501©(3) nonprofit organization licensed as an animal shelter by the State of Georgia, and any donations are completely tax deductible.


Take a few minutes, and browse the page, if you can. Thanks for your time.<br><br>Post edited by: dazdncnfusd, at: 2009/11/29 23:16

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