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My timneh has turned into a daredevil!!


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ok so its happened to me now too!


Lilo my tag has started to jump off her cage and follow us around the house !! :woohoo:


Now this doesnt bother me. When she cme out we keep a constant eye on her to make sure she is safe.


The only thing worrying me is could she hurt herself jumping down from the cage?


Her wings were clipped when i adopted her but i think it might be a bit severe she flutters to the ground but does make a bit of a thud.


Could she hurt herself or would she be ok?


Do I need to do anything ? :S

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I would try to discourage the habit of Lilo jumping down when she wants to and follow you around. There might be a time when you are in another room and she is wondering around with out supervision and that is the time when an electrical cord might look like a great chew toy or she may find other dangers on the floor. If you have other animals in the house that may be a problem as well.

When Mika started this with the great advise from Dave I just picked him up told him no and returned him to his playgym on top of his cage this went on sometimes 5-6 times a day for about 2 weeks and he finally got the message, that it was not all right to jump down himself. I do allow him floor time but only when I am able to give 100% attention to just him when he is on the floor.

I still keep a close eye on him when he is playing,I will never completely trust him to stay there. But he is doing well for the last few months.;)


Carolyn & Mika

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We have no other pets so thats not a worry.Her cage is in the hall and the kitchen and living room doors stay closed while the top of her cage is open.


theres nothing for her to chew in the hallway . The only place she can try and go is up the stairs.


Immore worried if she could hurt herself on the fall down :pinch:

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It's a very good possibility that he could break the Keel bone if he lands with a thud on the floor. Like Carolyn said he should be trained to stay put where you want him...or else he could decide that what you want doesn't matter. Your wishes need to be law and when he is on the top of his cage or on a tree stand he needs to stay there. If this isn't enforced now when he hits sexual maturity it could be a big issue.


You should get a nice stand for him that is on wheels so you can move it from room to room and that way you can put him on that so he isn't left in a hallway by himself and feels the need to go wondering for his flock.

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she isnt left by herself . Why would you just asume she was?


the kitchen is about one step away from the hall! She can see us from her cage were only a few feet away.


Also dont asume she doesnt have a playstand because she does. She stays on that but she cant be on it all day long she has to go to her cage sometime.

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Look, you asked for advise about your grey leaping off the cage and I gave you my advise. Yes, she can and will hurt herself if she is allowed to do this...I have seen more birds that I would like with broken keels because they were doing the same thing as your bird.


Obviously if she stays on the stand she feels like she is involved in the family and is happy there, for her to be jumping off the cage to get to you she isn't happy there...thus the comment of placing her elsewhere.


Take what you want from the replys you get, but don't get all high and mighty when someone gives you advise that you don't like...take it or leave it.

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I wasnt being high and mighty, im here to make friends not enemies.


You just gave the impression that my bird was cut off from the family because her cage is in the hallway. Our house is small. Its literally about 20 steps from the front door to the back!


The reason she is in the hallway is because she can see us there in the kitchen and living room but at night it will be quite there so she can get a good nights sleep.


She has playstands that she is on for most of the day with us.


But she cant have her own way all the time. Shes a bird not a child and there are times she has to be in the cage.


I just wanted to know whether the fall could hurt her thats all and I apreciate the advice I just dont want everypne thinking I dont know how to look after her or that I dont care what happens to her

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I was thinking about that actually but i wasnt sure whether I should or not.


When she comes down theres reall no where for her to go other than run up and down the hall. The kitchen door is closed in case someone comes in and leaves the door open.


I dont mind her comming down there is no risk to her in the hallway but at the same time i dont want her thinking she can just do what she wants whenever she wants :dry:

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It is definitely for her best interests as you say. to put her back up when she gets off without your permission.


These sneaky little rascals can walk right up to your foot without you knowing they are there. They are completely silent when doing so.


I once kicked a grey around 2 feet when I turned away from the sink and started to step away and felt a very small thud. Poor girl, I felt so bad, but the good news was she was not harmed at all, but was a little leery of me after that.


The big issue is, I could have actually killed her if I would have been in a hurry to walk somewhere.

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I, too, have almost stepped on one of my parrots when they were by my feet and I didn't know it. Not to mention the kids running around.


The only time my Grey leaves her cage or playstand is if she is startled by something. We're still working on my Ekkies though, but we keep on trying. One thing that seems to work is though we're continuously talking to them and looking at them while they're on the playstand, we will walk over and drop a "treat" in the bowl, trying to reinforce them staying there.


Good luck!

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