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UV Light Exposure


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Health wise, 2 hrs are all they need. If your breeder said more are needed then do that.

PS--it's got nothing to do with whether they like it or not. Many birds don't have any UV lighting and they're doing ok.<br><br>Post edited by: Dave007, at: 2009/01/17 00:28

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With winter in Ontario Canada we are not seeing much sun here during the days. I am not using a UV light but Mika does sit in the front window each day for a couple of hours and he is doing well, with just the natural light offered. I was asking our vet about it and he said that the natural light was just fine.;)


Carolyn & Mika

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The topic of whether a bird needs UV light or not, is dependent upon 2 things - 1) Their Diet - UVB. 2) If you wish them to see with the full spectrum of light they were meant to, namely UV. It lights up their world and gives them more visual information than you or I can see, namely UVA.


If your Grey consumes enough pellets to obtain sufficient vitamin D3, then the UVB light spectrum is not necessary for production of D# for proper Calcium absorption and other glandular benefits.


A bird sitting in front of a window receives no UVA or UVB. The glass blocks it.


So the bottom line is, if your Grey consumes mainly seeds, some veggies and fruits and almost no pellets, it needs a good Full Spectrum light light source that includes both UVA and more importantly UVB.


You can also take your Grey, caged outside (Partial shading of the cage) for an hour a day to get the full dose of UVB required.<br><br>Post edited by: danmcq, at: 2009/01/18 21:27

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Hi Dan,


Thanks for the clarification. My vet recommended for both my birds. Indy was having problems with calcium absorption and Ice was on a seed diet.


Unfortunatly I live in an apartment and dont have a balcony otherwise I would wheel their cages outside for a bit B)


Thanks again.



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