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I love Legos!


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I would love to get some Legos for AnnaBella. I think she'd enjoy the different colors and sizes and I think I'd enjoy taking photos of her with all those colors and sizes even more!! :) I'm afraid she'd break them with her beak in no time, has Tango broken any? Although, I see by his eyes, he's still young. He may not be biting down on things/fingers at his full potential just yet. I'm curious how they break...do they crack, break into pieces, or are they flexible enough that they don't break at all?


If I did get some for AnnaBella, I think it would be fun to build something and then she could destroy it. Oh darn, I'd have to play with the Legos. LOL.:silly::silly:


I love that second picture of Tango, by the way. You should enter your photos to BirdTalk for their "watch the birdie" contest they have every month!! I don't think I've ever seen a pic of a bird with legos before. :)

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