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okay to hand feed?


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Hi there, Juliet is 11 months old. We stopped hand feeding her formula at around 4 months old. During the past month, when I hold my fingers near her beak she will grab it and start the bobbing motion and will do it several times until I move my hand away. A few of these times after she had done the bobbing, she would regurgitate a cooked seed from a mix that given her earlier. Is this motion indicative of her wanting to hand feed again? What should I do?


A few additional facts about her are:


She weighed 407 grams tonight after eating.

She knows where all her feeding bowls are and eats from them regularly.

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No she is just going thru the motions, she is not wanting to be handfed and her bringing up a small portion is a sign of affection to you, she is trying to feed you which they do to their mates, she really likes you. I would be proud and happy she feels this way for you but I wouldn't encourage it as you wouldn't want her bringing all her food up for you. Just accept her gift and then distract her to something else.

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