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Back to school - maybe


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Hi, friends -

Sorry I've been neglecting this site - my favorite place! Klaus is fine, babbling away. He enjoyed some spinach pie this evening! LOL

Anyhoo I have been toying with the idea of going back to school, and the research alone is taking up a ton of time. I currently have a Bachelor of Science in Business (Finance major). Because I do not spring out of bed every morning eager to start my day I feel I missed my calling career wise. I want to become a teacher (elementary - math and/or special ed). Or, I could add on to my business credentials and become a CPA. Or, I could become a Paralegal. So those are my three interests and I was wondering if any of you guys have your two cents you could throw at me. Does anyone do any of these for a living? Has anyone changed careers at age 40-something? Has anyone taken on line classes, if so, where?

Thanks, and hope you are all doing well!


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I commend you for thinking of going back to school, it is a hard thing to do but its never too late as I took some college classes and got an associates degree when I turned 50. I actually attended classes versus taking them online but it is still time consuming.


I'm afraid I can't give any advice as to what you should do as far as what to study for, that is something you have to decide for yourself, you are the one that will have to do the job, what are you up for.


We can always use more teachers and I think you would make a good one, you go girl.

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Laurie wrote:

I want to become a teacher (elementary - math and/or special ed).




I would follow what you WANT to do in terms of what you will take in terms of classes. I would get a Masters in Education or special education. Then pursue that path. You may also be able to find an avenue into a special eds program as an assist to get some hands on and fill that hole in your heart to help those special children. :-)


Always follow your dream or it will never be found.


If you wish to use online classes, university of phoenix has an excellent reputation in the business industry and believe me, they are as tough if not more so than sitting in class. Kim pursued special accounting classes to add to her BS in accounting though them. They are VERY pricey though and we are still paying on that student loan taken out at age 45.....

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Thanks guys...

Dan I am looking at U Phoenix as one of my choices. My advisor is going to try to get me some financial help. Not only am I researching what seems like a lot of different potential schools, I am also looking for scholarships. Which they don't just hand out like candy - you have to jump through hoops. So I'm jumping and I'm researching! :lol:

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I haven't been as high up the ladder as your aiming to be, but i've worked in both areas your interested in..


A legal team dealing with COPD claims for British coal miners and a Probate team. I now work in a school in a learning support team. my mum is my boss lol.. she's the special needs co-ordinator, it's an awful lot of work, she regularly does long days and work at home after school a lot. working in special needs covers all subjects. it's a whole school issue, not just one department. but, every day is different, challenging and you'll find yourself using the techniques you use with your parrot with the kids!! lol.. read Irene Pepperbergs research and a lot of that can be applied to children with autism and learning difficulties..


My preferred job is definitely in school. the job satisfaction is so much more rewarding, seeing kids learn and grow from when they join us at 11, till they leave us as young adults.


i'd rather do that, than get some far removed relative a few quid for some relative they never knew, deal with family feuds over a bit of compensation, or otherwise be known as a shark.


plus!! if you work in a school as a career think of the holidays you can spend with your family/bird.


:D<br><br>Post edited by: Titch, at: 2009/01/16 21:03

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You're right on Laurie! If you wake up not feeling like you're heading into work doing something you really enjoy, then you're spending a lot of time somewhere that is not fulfilling you.


There's quite a difference in teacher vs. CPA vs. Paralegal. I'd make a list of pro's/con's for each and see how it works out on paper. BUT, you probably have a gut-feel as to which would make you happiest.


I have also considered teaching as my next career path if I ever get laid off from my current company (hopefully not because I love it).


Good luck to you in making your decision! And, of course, keep us informed! :-)

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